The Million Hairs Club Staff

The Million Hairs Club have been grooming my fur babies for years. Their teams are professional and are gentle, kind animal people. There is much excitement in our home after our dogs have been groomed and want to show off their new hairstyles! The little surprises they receive are extra special and they can’t wait to brag when we get home. Personalised service with a smile and they even deliver great quality pet food. The best pet groomers in town!

Tracy Maritz, Greenstone

The Million Hairs Club – mobile dog grooming parlour, originally known as The Wheely Wash Tub, was established in 2001.

Nick took ownership of the business in 2006, which was then 1 mobile grooming trailer towed by a vehicle. From there, the business has grown from strength to strength.

In the last 16 years we have transformed and revolutionised mobile dog grooming from 1 trailer to 5 customised vans known as The Million Hairs Club, with 10 staff members and over 149 combined years in experience.

Meet the Team

The Million Hairs Club has secured regular monthly clients and grown not from advertising but from word of mouth as our clients value our reliable, regular, specialist service. They also know that their dogs are being lovingly and safely cared for on their property.

80% of The Million Hairs Club clients have their dogs grooming on a monthly basis, other requirements are catered for individually.

The Million Hairs Club vehicles are Customised Mobile Dog Grooming Vans.

They are fully equipped with bath, geyser, grooming tables, dryers, clippers and other equipment required to professionally groom your dogs.

When the vehicle reaches your home, and is parked in your driveway, the hose connected to the nearest outside water tap and the electrical extension cable plugged into the nearest electrical supply, which is normally located in the garage.

The electrical has been installed by a certified electrician for power supply to the dryers, geyser, and clippers. The van houses an electric geyser which ensures that your dogs get a warm bath and on those colder days additional buckets of warm water shall be used. The Million Hairs Club also have petrol generators to be used in the event of a power outage

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